Author Gudelines

  • Requesting to authors submit their articles in Microsoft Word format.
  • A cover letter needs to be included with the article. The following provides information on the cover letter.
  • The article should be written in a single column format using the 10 point Cambria font. 
  • Please make the text formatting as simple as possible.
  • All of the figures must be at a high resolution.
  • No word limit, but there shouldn’t be more than 30 pages.
  • Please keep the number of references to 50 or less. The text of the article should contain the references’ numbers. References must be formatted in accordance with the MLA standard.
  • Less than 15 figures, tables, or graphs should be included in article.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Verify the author checklist listed below before submitting.

1. Cover letter
2. Title
3. Author names and Affiliations
4. Abstract and Keywords
5. Abbreviations
6. Introduction
7. Appropriate Headings
8. Discussion
9. Conclusion
10. Acknowledgements (If Any)
11. References

Cover Letter

Sisla Medical Journals requesting the corresponding author to provide a cover letter outlining why the paper is appropriate for publication in Sisla Journals. The article should not have been published elsewhere or communicated for the aim of any other publication outside Sisla Medical Journals, according to the cover letter that includes all the authors (ideally with their signatures). If the article’s author is a student, it is advised that he or she obtain departmental approval from the institution before submitting the piece.


The title ought to be precise and pertinent to the article’s subject. Please deliver the title in title case and refrain from using acronyms (capitalise all the words except prepositions, articles and conjunctions). The names of all species and plants should be in italics.

Author Names and Affliations

  • Please list all authors’ full names, with an asterisk (*) next to the name of the author who corresponds. Please also include the corresponding author’s Name, Affiliation, Email, Phone Number, and Fax.
  • Please list Department, University/Organisation, City, State, and Country for each author’s affiliation details.

Abstarct and Keywords

  • Abstract is the section that introduces the article and it should not exceed 350 words. It should provide a concise summary of the important points. Please omit any citations and, if at all feasible, refrain from using acronyms.
  • For the purpose of indexing, you are required to submit at least 4-6 keywords.


The term “abbreviations” should be used to define all acronyms.


Please give the content proper headings, and we also ask authors to number the headings for easy understanding.

Symbols and Units

When referring to alpha, beta, mu, pi, and other symbols, please use the International System of Units (SI Units).


All of the illustrations must be at a good resolution, ideally 300 dpi. All figures must be referenced in the text, and authors must make it obvious where they belong in the text. At the conclusion of the article, successive figure captions must be provided.


Please place all tables with the necessary captions at the end of the article.


The acknowledgements section should include a list of those who contributed to the work but are not the authors, along with a description of what they did. The authors must make sure that everyone whose name appears in the acknowledgements has no objections to having their name included in that particular manuscript’s acknowledgements section.


Please limit the references in your manuscript to works that have already been published. At the end of the book, authors are asked to offer a list of references in chronological order.

Article Submission to Sisla

  • Sisla Medical Journals accepts all types of articles like Research, Review, Mini-Review, Case Reports, Opinion, Letter to the Editor, Editorial, Commentary, Short Communication, etc. and any genuine article that deserves to be published.
  • Once after receiving the article author will get a mail within 24 hours.