Editor Guidelines

The primary mission of Sisla Medical Journal is to spread scientific information around the world. Editors in Sisla main source of support because the effectiveness of the peer review process totally determines the credibility of published papers. Publishing high-caliber manuscripts on relevant topics that have been submitted by authors is the responsibility of the editorial board members of Juniper Publishers.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Expertise in the assigned field.
  • Examining the submitted manuscripts.
  • Attracting in new Authors and submissions.
  • Ideally sending some of their own writing for review. 
  • The members of the editorial board should suggest any adjustments that need be made to the article in order to improve its quality.
  • The Editorial Board Members must decide whether to proceed with the article’s publishing after being pleased with the quality of the text.
  • Please provide justification for your decision to reject the item if you feel it is deserving of doing so.
  • To keep the appropriate time restrictions, a timely response is crucial. It is your responsibility to assign suitable and potential reviewers who can carry out the peer review process efficiently and ensure the best quality output of the material if you are unable to participate due to a busy work schedule.
  • Editorial Board Members are urged to take a look at the reviewer’s rules because they are in charge of ensuring the quality of the literature’s output through a rigorous peer review procedure.
  • Members of the editorial board must guarantee the security and privacy of the information.