About SMDA

Sisla Medical Dental Archives, SMDA peer reviewed open access  international scientific journal, which publishes significant manuscripts (Research, Review, Short Communication, Case Reports, Case series, Mini-Reviews, Opinions, Short Notes, Letter to the Editor, Etc.) relevant to dentistry. SMDA is designed for internists and emergency physicians. The vision of the journal is to promote improved patient care, research and education in dentistry.  Sisla Medical Dental Archives also plays a major role in continuing medical education through review articles relevant to physical education. We welcome both human and experimental animal studies as are new findings on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Our experienced  team of experts provides editorial excellence, rapid publication and high visibility of your paper. The technical team closely supervises the mentioned criteria for publication: originality novelty and purity of article and we publish the article within 21 day of working days with rapid review process.

Keywords for SMDA

Dental Bridges
Dental Caries
Dental Lab Management
Dental Materials Market Analysis
Dental Traumatology
Implant Dentistry
Journal Membership Progaram
Oral Health
Oral Hygiene
Pediatric Dentistry
Preventive Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry
Dental Anaesthesiology
Dental Analgesics
Dental Anesthesiology (Anaesthesiology)
Dental Biofilm
Dental Bonding
Dental Care
Dental Cavities
Dental Cavities
Dental Disorders
Dental Engineering
Dental Filling
Dental Images
Dental Implants
Dental Instruments
Dental Material
Dental Prosthetics
Dental Pulp
Dental Traumatology
Geriatric dentistry
Modern Dentistry
Oral Precancer
Orofacial Cleft
Partial Dentures
Pediatric Dentistry
Periodontal Diseases
Permanent Dentures
Prosthodontics Dentures
Public Health
Restorative Dentistry
Root Canal
Root Canal Treatment
Tooth Decay
Tooth Extraction
Tooth Implant